Sunday, November 22, 2015


This seems like the perfect time to thank the wonderful parents and grandparents who donate their time, energy, and books to the SK library. To the parents who've come in to read, check out, shelve, and process books for our kids -- your presence, energy, and generosity help to embed our library space deep within our community. To the parents who've donated wonderful books to us -- your donations help to expand our collection and, in doing so, help to give our children access to even more windows and mirrors.

Two weeks ago, I posted about our book processing center and invited all willing adults to come in and help cover library books (covering them with plastic keeps them from getting damaged as easily as they otherwise might). I'm now rapidly cataloging books and leaving them in the library to be covered because I can't keep up with the incredible parents who've been coming in to cover books for us.

Grateful for this community of readers and supporters of readers,


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