Sunday, November 1, 2015

Steps to building a community library

A community library is one in which all members of the community are involved in the library in some way and that each person feels connected, in some way, to the library. For us, this is an ongoing goal/project because the role of the library is constantly evolving (and we like it that way). With this in mind, here are three ways we're working to build community in our library this week.

1. We're turning children into librarians because a) it's fun to be helpful; b) scanners are awesome; c) autonomy feels good.

2. We're inviting parents/grandparents/babysitters/adult friends in to help cover books so that we can get more books onto the shelves in a timely manner. The Book Processing Center is located under the printer in the library. There are tools, directions, and stacks of books waiting to be covered. They've already been added to the catalog so when they're covered, they can be placed directly onto the reshelving cart. Please feel free to stop by any time and help us to process books.

3. We just purchased some new titles in French, Mandarin, and Latin (or, in some cases, in English but about topics related to our Latin classes) to help support students in their language classes. One of our goals for the year is to build our collection of books written in languages other than English so that children can continue to either see their home language represented in their school library or so that children can be exposed to the written word in other languages. We will continue to purchase books in other languages (both titles originally written in other languages and familiar English titles in translation) throughout the year. Huge thanks to Imogen and Shiyu for suggesting these titles for our library. 

Yours in shared library spaces,

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