Friday, December 4, 2015

Site mapping with the 7-8s

This week, the 7-8s started building their online portfolios. These portfolios will give students a place to securely store their work over time, an easy way to access and share their work with parents, teachers, and other students, and a way through which to reflect on their personal learning journeys.

We will be building these portfolios using Google sites. Each student will have his/her own personal web space. By framing portfolios in this way, we'll be able to work through ways in which we create our own digital presence with intention and purpose. Portfolios will also give us a chance to delve into conversations about sharing, privacy, ownership, and intellectual property in an authentic way.

 However, before we construct our individual sites, we decided to map out our sites on paper so that we could think through the architecture of our portfolios. Mapping our sites on paper, first, will give us a sense of what we're trying to accomplish with the various types of pages, add-ons, and options available in Google sites. That way, when we start working with a new program, we'll be able to focus on learning the tool itself (since we'll already have a sense of what we want the tool to do).

Next steps in this endeavor include building skeleton websites, organizing Google Drive documents (and other artifacts, like photos and presentations) into folders, and deciding what work should be featured on students' sites. Stay tuned.

To portfolio development,


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