Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Selling out" and media literacy with the 7-8s

The seventh and eighth graders (and Karl and I) have been talking a lot about Photoshop, advertising, and messages recently. The subject came up as part of the Our Whole Lives curriculum (specifically related to beauty standards and the way in which cultural expectations of beauty are defined and communicated) and led to fascinating conversation about the ethical responsibilities of companies/organizations/people who manipulate photos to sell a particular image.

Using parts of Common Sense Media's "Digital Bytes" curriculum, we analyzed advertisements as propaganda, defined various persuasive techniques employed in different advertisements, and examined our own media lenses by thinking about what components of advertising "work" on us.

Next week, we'll continue to broaden our understanding of media literacy by digging deeper into what we think the ethical responsibilities of advertisers should be and what repercussions they should face if they mislead the consumer.

To continued expanded definitions of "literacy,"