Thursday, May 19, 2016

Alex Gino came back to visit us

On Monday, we welcomed back our dear friend and celebrated author, Alex Gino. Alex came in time to have lunch with some third and fourth grade fans before they led two separate writing workshops for the middle schoolers. After school, some of us joined Alex and our friends at Common Language Bookstore for a reading and book party.

Snapshots of the day:

Lunch with 3-4s included a conversation about microaggressions; how we identify them and how we can interrupt them. As always, I was delighted by SK students' thoughtfulness and desire to dig deeper. 

In both writing workshops, Alex challenged students and teachers to think about a character's desires. After writing descriptions of ourselves as characters, we then tried to write a scene with our "opposite": a character who is "opposite" from us in some way(s). We then had a chance to share our writing and reflect on the ways in which we connected with our "opposite" character. 

After a wonderful reading and conversation at Common Language in the evening, we got to enjoy treats and chat with one another.

Huge, huge thanks to everyone who came to the program; our wonderful hosts at Common Language; our dear friend, Jim Toy; and to Alex Gino, for continuing to teach and learn with us. 

To books that bring people together,


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