Friday, September 9, 2016

The children have arrived.

The readers are back! All feels well in the world (or, at least in our library).
K-2 readers checked out their first books of the year. Parents, please note that your child has a library book inside a plastic book bag. Please use the book bag (it's a white bag with a dragon on it and says, "Look what I'm dragon home" on it, which makes us laugh a lot) to transport books and keep them clean.

Elaine's class brainstormed a list of good places to read library books (homes, schools, or forests, for example) and less ideal places to read library books (on top of active volcanoes, while skydiving, or while swimming, for example) and I'm confident that our young readers will continue to treat their books like treasures.

To new books, old books, perfect you and me books,